Filing Drawers - How To Choose The Right One?

While choosing your filing cabinet, understand that paper is going to be around for many years to come and need space even in today's world where electronic communication has taken over. Filing drawers you choose has to match with your workload and also match with the aesthetics of your office.

Points to remember when selecting your filing drawers

• Safety:

Safety should always be the first priority. Toppling and drawers falling out are a major concern at all times. Ask for what counterweights are provided to prevent it from toppling and also the internal locking features to ensure that the drawers don't fully pull out and fall from the cabinet. Another thing to be kept in mind is features which prevents multiple drawers opening as well

• Filing and Retrieving Frequency:

Choose Open Shelf Drawers if filing frequency is high and Retrieving Frequency is high. Vertical File Drawers are good if filing frequency is high but Retrieving Frequency is low Lateral File Drawers, if filing frequency is low and retrieving frequency is high. Simple boxes for storage would be fine if both are low in frequency.

• Smooth Pull in and pull out:

The drawer should be smooth to operate while you pull it in or pull it out. It should be easy to operate whether it is empty, half full or fully loaded. There should not be any difficulty in its operation. And this basic function of a drawer should be thoroughly inspected before purchase.

• Material:

Metal drawers should always be made from thicker material and should be efficient in preventing rust. Should be strong enough to support the weight of your files In case you prefer cabinets made from wood, it should be strong and sturdy as well. Termite treated wood is a mandatory requirement which you should always keep in mind.

• Lock and Design

Locking features should be good enough to prevent unwanted access to them. Design should always match up to the aesthetics you desire for your office space. It should feel that the filing drawers are a part of your working area and not stand out.

So, you should be careful while choosing the lock and design of your new filing drawers so that they are user-friendly and also economical at the same time. Also, in order to get a perfect picture of the features that you want in your new filing drawers you may also want to do some basic research on the internet and go over a couple of review sites and then finalize the one that suits you the best.

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