How to Choose Bedding for a Boy

There are hundreds of options for boys bedding on the internet and in stores today. This makes the choice of which one is perfect for a certain boy seem impossibly overwhelming. Bedding needs to be comfy and snuggly and endure the test of time. It also needs to reflect the tastes of the boy while matching the rest of the home. Keeping these things in mind will help narrow a search.

Determining a boy's style is important before purchasing bedding. There are four main styles that boys are in to - classic, modern, themes, and eclectic. Classic styles are for boys who are drawn to soft colors and traditional patterns such as gingham and paisley.

Modern styles are for boys who prefer clean lines with little clutter. Modern boys also like bold stripes or bright and primary colors and patterns. Themes are boys who want to design their rooms around a central theme. For boys, this could be dinosaurs, sports, western, or space. Some boys like the eclectic look where there is a combination of the styles above.

To figure out a boy's style, show him different photos of various colors and patterns. A distinct style personality will emerge based off their selections. It is a lot of fun to go shopping with a boy to have them pick out stuff they like. Make sure to set a budget and explain that to the boy. This duels as a lesson in wise spending and finances.

It is a good idea to buy oversized bedding for the purpose of longevity. Most boys have a twin size or full size bed in their room. It makes sense to buy the same size for the bedding. However, buying bedding that is a size up from the beds people are shopping for allows them to save money in the future.

The same bedding can be used when the boy graduates to a larger bed. When worried about fitted sheets fitting a smaller bed correctly so they are not constantly bunching, purchase inexpensive sheet clips that will keep the fitted sheets tight.

Keep the boy's hobbies and interests in mind when shopping for bedding. Popular things that boys often like sports, science, art, or race cars. Most of the fun in decorating a boy's room is having the ability to tailor it to their interests. There are tons of themed boys bedding sets that will help create a room that boys will love.

Bedding sets can come in fun prints and patterns. This can be basketballs or zoo animals or pirates. Some parents worry about their boy outgrowing these interests and having to buy new bedding again. For a design that is more subtle, buy bedding in colors that match the boy's interests, like team colors for their favorite sports team.

Decide how long to use the bedding. Themed or patterned bedding is a great idea that boys love, but fire engines, cartoon dinosaurs, and childish sports prints will only be cool for a few years. If planning on changing the look of the boy's room every couple years, then it is fine to buy patterns that fit the age of the boy.

Changing bedding as boys grow older can be a lot of fun to document how they grow up. If bedding is meant to last longer, then parents should be something that is still fun, but less centered on themes that will inevitably go out of style as they grow.

There is a common saying that boys will boys. Part of this means boys will be destructive. Their activity levels and carefree attitudes means their possessions often get rough treatment. Buy high thread count bedding for durability. Even if a parent knows that a boy does not care how soft his sheets are, the softer sheets are also the most durable.

Buying durable and quality bedding will save money in the long run. When buying bedding that is bigger than their current bed, they will thank you for the durable and soft high thread count sheets once they can appreciate them.