Manul Vs Electric Shaving - Which One Is Better for You?

One of the most essential practices in men's daily routine is making a shave every morning before going out to work. The two most common ways adopted for doing this are using the electric razor or doing it manually. The manual process of shaving your face involves the usual razor and blade combination, where the blade shaves off the hair on your face. The electric shaver has a built-in blade that lasts for long. So which one should you consider the most appropriate for you? When talking about men's shave, they need to consider following four factors:

Closeness of shave

The closeness of shave is among the most important factors to be considered. A really close shave keeps you looking fresh and nice all through the day. It simply means you need not worry about those black shadows that usually begin to appear in the evening. For this purpose, it is best to use manual razor. Since it shaves straight against your skin, you can shave very close to your whiskers.


Men are generally not inclined to spend long time in the bathroom. They prefer having a quick shave and shower. That enables them to spend more time doing more significant things. For that purpose, an electric shave is ideal. On using a manual shaver, one needs to first lather up, followed by the real shave and then to pat the face dry. Since most electric shavers need no moistening, you can straightway get to the job and be done with it quickly. These razors efficiently remove hair from the face.

Safety & Comfort

Manual shaving is often accompanied by cuts and discomfort. However, these days the available razors have considerably lowered these risks. Yet, use of safety razors carries that risk of getting a cut on your face, at times too severe. Generally, it is difficult to avoid having razor burns as a result of scraping a blade against your face. When using an electric shaver, you need not worry on that issue, because such razors come with a built-in thin foil that protects the face from an oscillating or spinning blade that performs the trimming action. Men having sensitive skin will especially find this razor of great benefit.


People who are traveling frequently need to carry their shaving and grooming devices with them. You will appreciate that it is very convenient to travel with an electric razor. These are much smaller in size, with some designed to be carried in your pocket so conveniently. Traveling with manual razors is quite a hassle. You need to carry not only the razor but also the connected accessories like shaving cream and extra blades. Additionally, you have to bear the scowls of security staff at the airport!