Review: Luggage For The Long Haul

Packing can be one of the most dreaded parts of traveling. You have your flight booked, your hotel is paid for, you've arranged transportation and know exactly what sights you want to see but packing gets put on the backburner. The stress and anxiety of packing the right things take over. Maybe you can relate to one of these scenarios:

-You've looked at the weather report a dozen times but not packing that raincoat doesn't seem logical, even though the island hasn't seen rain in months.

-You've packed everything in your closet and I mean everything. You have every situation you may ever encounter covered. God forbid you are unprepared.

-You try on every single outfit and accessory. You need to make sure each piece goes together and fits well, even though you've worn it a dozen times.

-It's the night before your flight and your empty suitcase is sitting on the floor. You just look at it, hoping someone will pack it for you resulting in you just throwing in a bunch of things at the last minute.

I'm sure you've pinpointed which scenario fits most closely to your travel experiences. Packing can be difficult. Overtime though, hopefully you can perfect the art of packing. The more you travel, the easier it gets, I promise. Having quality luggage you can count on eases some of the packing nightmares. Having traveled extensively I've witnesses firsthand the headaches of unreliable luggage.

Depending upon the type of travel, a quality suitcase and backpack are staples in any type of excursion, short or long. I have used the following 2 products in many of my own travels. I would certainly recommend these items to anyone who is in need of a new travel companion.

Samsonite Luggage Hyperspace Spinner 26 Expandable Suitcase, Totally Teal, One Size

This suitcase maximizes your packing. Expandable compartments allow you to pack a few extra things, just in case. You will never had to worry about going over the weight restrictions either; the space and compartment allowance is designed relative to the airline requirements.

Choose from an array of colors; stand out so you can easily eye your suitcase as it comes across the conveyor belt. This is one perfect mid-size option for weeklong trips. The wheels are very stable and the material is extra durable (We know how baggage handlers can be.) The price is in line with other suitcases the same size. This one is definitely worth it. Continuing to log the miles and no issues to report.

Burton Canyon Pack, Falcon Mocha Block, One Size

I stumbled upon this backpack at a snowboard and skate shop. It's been my favorite piece ever since and serves as a great alternative for a carry-on. I can be seen with this piece on any trip less than 4 days. The design of the pack makes carrying quite simple; I don't even know I have it on. Fits under the seat or easily into the overhead. There are so many compartments I sometimes forget where I put certain things. Conveniently holds odd shaped objects, such as umbrella's, curling irons and straighteners in the oblong side pockets.

I was a bit hesitant on spending additional money on a backpack, as you can easily get one at Walmart or Target for less than $30 but I'm so glad I did. My husband is jealous every time we go somewhere; his standard pack doesn't cut it. The weight distribution elements and overall quality make this travel companion worth every penny, not to mention the cool colors they come in. I've never seen anyone with a similar pack.

Add these 2 pieces to your collection and many of your packing worries will disappear. Reliable, durable, spacious, stylish and cost effective; the 5 elements I feel should be on every traveler's checklist. Check them out today, add them to your Christmas list and treat yourself!