What Is In Your Survival Kit?

Disastrous situations can happen any time in your life and to meet such a situation, there should be at least a basic survival kit in your car or in an area that can be easily accessed in your home. Generally, the best basic kits can be helpful in managing your hunger, thirst, shelter and other requirement for 72 hours or three days. Now, let us find the products to be present in such a package:

Water: Generally, people can even live without food, but they cannot live without water. So, water should form an important part of your package. It should be present in an immediately drinkable format. It should have a minimum of 12 water pouches. In addition to pouches themselves, there should be water purification tablets. This type of tablet will be helpful once the water already present in the kit is completely used. This type of tablet can be helpful for purifying any other water you get from other sources.

Food: Next to water, there should be food to satiate your hunger. There should be high calorie foods so that you can maintain your energy level at the optimum. The food can be in the form of energy bars so that you can consume it immediately without any trouble. The one with 12 such bars can be suitable for the survival of two people.

Warmth and shelter: Shelter is another basic requirement. Only when you have proper shelter, you will be able to get the required sleep to keep yourself energized. Also, the required material for providing both of you the required warmth should also be present.

First aid: First aid kit should be present. This is because even a small injury can turn out to be a big problem if left untreated as there will be a lot of germs and bacteria in the environment, where some disastrous events happened recently.

Apart from the above-mentioned essential things, there should also be other supplies present in the basic survival kit. This includes clothing, medication for small ailments, basic tools like knife, can-opener, etc. There should also be wet napkins and tissues for maintaining you hygiene. Another important supply to be present is the dust mask so that you can stay protected.

The other essential requirements include waterproof matches, rechargeable flash lights, FM/AM radio with appropriate headphones and batteries.

There is no requirement to purchase these things separately for creating a kit on your own as ready-made kits with the above-mentioned supplies are sold online by some companies.