5 Homely Ways To Become A Harbinger Of Conservation

We have talked a lot about the ever increasing pollution and ozone layer depletion. We have even gone crazy by embarking upon the gung-ho 'Go Green' movement to save our planet Earth. Merely raising slogans out on roads is good for nothing as far as conservation of fossil fuels and saving Mother Earth is concerned. It would make more sense if you actually contribute to this cause by doing something on your part. As the saying goes, "Charity begins at home," you need to start this right at your home. One such way of taking up the cudgels at home is to turn to solar energy for all your domestic power requirements. Below is an attempt to explore how solar energy can take care of your home's energy requirement.

For Your Ventilation System

You run a long utility bill on fans and exhaust systems. Obviously, they are necessary to move air around for comfort, moisture and smell control. Why not use sun's power to run your floor fans, bath fans and ceiling fans? That would be a lot cheaper and you would save the conventional sources of energy too.

You Can Heat Your Home

You can have a warm and cozy atmosphere inside your home without using electric heaters or thermostats. Solar energy can be harnessed for this purpose by adding a solar room the all glass room that allows the daylight to filter in and warm the room through a transparent covering in the glass. The heat energy is stored and then used when the sun goes down.

Sun Generated Power for Your Home

Your entire house can be powered using solar panels. It means you can completely switch from your conventional power source to this solar power system. These solar panels collect sunlight and convert it into electricity. On the technical front, DC power (direct current) is transferred to an inverter, which coverts it into AC power (alternating current), thereby generating electricity to run your home.

Sun Can Help You Cook Too

Even when it comes to cooking, you can make use of sun's energy to dish out your scrumptious cake or that corpulent turkey for the feast you plan. It's a great way of reducing your reliance on electricity while cooking, which saves you money, of course. Besides, cooking in a solar oven in your lawn can be fun with friends and relatives around. Moreover, you won't even feel pressed for time as it is a fast way to churn out your recipes.

You Get A Warm Swimming Pool

How can your swimming pool be left from getting benefited by this universal source of energy? You can have a solar blanket installed in your swimming pool that will keep the water warm so that you can enjoy a snug bath; yeah, you heard me right. In fact, you can go a step further and use the solar panels mounted on your roof to connect to a water heating system. It works by pumping water from the pool, to be heated by the sun's heat collected by the panels, and then circulating it back to the pool.

In case you are in dilemma, let me clear the air, you are going to incur initial expenses, as is the case with any new addition to your home, but you will save in the long run and become a harbinger of conservation.