The Importance of Children's Socks

Children's socks are necessary to the health of kids. Cold feet can cause numerous health problems. In the winter, poor socks can lead to frostbite. Getting great quality socks for your kids can be a benefit to their health.

The term cold feet is usually used to describe someone who is nervous and has a desire to run away. This phrase actually originated in medicine. People who have chronically cold feet have nerve issues and problems with their blood circulation. Keeping kids' feet warm while they are young can prevent some of these problems from occurring.

Frostbite can occur if there is not enough insulation and warmth to the feet. Exposure to very cold temperatures causes the skin and underlying tissue to freeze. This can happen on the hands, nose, and ears in addition to the feet. If the skin looks white or grey-ish yellow, is very cold, or has a hard or waxy feel, this can be frostbite. When the area thaws, it becomes red and painful.

Chilblains can also occur when feet are chilly. This is painful inflammation of small blood vessels in the skin that appear in response to sudden warming from cold temperatures. Chilblains cause itching, red patches, swelling, and blistering on the toes. Chilblains usually clear up in a couple weeks but they recur seasonally for years.

To avoid chilblains, keeping the feet warm and out of cold exposure will prevent it. This is part of why warm socks are necessary. Kids who get chilblains will have to put up with them every winter for years, so it is best to stop it before it starts.

Cold feet can also make kids feel uncomfortable and miserable. Warm feet can prevent cranky children, making life a little bit easier. Warm feet give people a healthier sense of wellbeing in order to cope with the environment better. Kids can also get a better night's sleep when they wear warm socks. Better sleep means healthier and happier children who will do better in school.

Socks are most commonly made out of cotton along with polyester, nylon, and elastic to hold the top band of the sock up on the ankle or leg. There are many different brands of socks that all offer incredible warmth and comfort, but certain brands that provide the most benefit.

Heat Holders are a supreme brand for socks that will absolutely prevent frostbite in cold weather. They have an innovative knitting technique by using long looped thermal pile. This unique, extra long looped cushion pile holds in warm air to increase ultimate thermal ability.

Heat Holders have advanced insulating yarn with developed and advanced fibres which provide high performance and superior moisture wicking abilities. An intense brushing process takes place which maximizes the amount of warm air held inside the sock. This creates all day warmth and comfort.

KooGa is another great sock maker. They are a rugby clothing line, which means their socks are top quality enough for athletes to use them. They create sports socks for football, hockey, and rugby especially for kids. They include a flat seam toe for comfort and non-slip knit bands for support during play.

These socks are made mostly from nylon and a little bit from cotton. The socks will make kids more comfortable while playing sports and therefore better athletes. They prevent moisture and bacteria from building up and keep the feet warm during play, making the rest of the body warm and active.

FLOSO is another brand of sock that promotes ultimate warmth and comfort for children. They supply thermal winter socks that will assuredly keep kids' feet warm in winter and prevent frostbite. They are ideal for wearing to school and casually around the house.

They have a comfortable fit that will keep kids from tearing their socks off as soon as they walk in the door. This brand has socks made mostly of acrylic along with small amounts of wool, mixed fibres, and elastic.