How To Find The Best Shoes For Nurses On Their Feet All Day

Nurses usually need to be on their feet all day. Sometimes they work very long shifts that are longer than a typical eight-hour workday, so the job can be very punishing. This is especially true for men and women who already have foot problems.

This is why it is best to invest in a good pair of shoes that has been designed to hold up under rough conditions. If you do already have foot problems, you can also find shoes that will address those problems. In some cases, it is best to buy two pairs of shoes. That way you will always have a spare pair of shoes in case one needs to be cleaned.

In addition to simply having to stand and walk a day, some nurses work in hazardous environments. Spills can make floors slippery. Carrying heavy burdens means that things can fall on the floor -- and on feet. That means that slip-resistant soles and durable uppers are essential things to look for.

Beyond the design and durability of any one shoe, you might also consider the style. The type of shoe that you will buy may need to conform to a medical center's dress code, or it might simply present a certain image that you prefer to convey as a professional.

Some Of The Best Shoes For Nurses On Their Feet All Day

There are some popular examples of the best shoes for nurses who must stand on their feet all day. Some have been designed specifically with nurses in mind. Others are simply designed to hold up as good walking and standing shoes. You might start shopping these brands.

-- Dansko Profesional 
-- Crocs Mercy 
-- Nurse Mate 
-- Algeria Debra 
-- Timberland Renova 
-- Skechers for nurses

You can find descriptions of these shoes on major eCommerce sites like Amazon. In addition to the manufacturer descriptions, you might look at pictures and read customer comments. These customer comments can help you decide if the shoes will help you with your own particular foot problems.

These are all good shoes, but they are not all the same. For example, Timberland tends to produce shoes that look more professional. Even though the Crocs Mercy shoes are not the rubber garden shoes you might imagine, they look a bit different than most shoes. Your work's dress code, culture, and your own preferences will determine which brand is best for you.

Some of these shoes conform to OSHA suggestions for durable uppers and slip-resistant soles too. That can be a consideration if your work in an environment that is not always free from a variety of hazards. You need to find shoes that will protect your feet and also keep you on your feet!

None of these are the cheapest pairs of shoes you can find. However, these durable shoes are a good investment. They should last longer than cheap shoes, and they should also help keep you from injuring yourself.